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UroLift ATC® Advanced Tissue Control System

Now it's easier to treat a broad spectrum of BPH patients

The new UroLift ATC® Advanced Tissue Control System delivers the same, proven implant through an enhanced delivery device tip that enables urologists to more easily treat BPH patients with challenging anatomies, including an obstructive median lobe and large lateral lobes. The wings are designed to provide more tissue control which may reduce procedural manipulations.  

Circle 1 Tissue Control Wings

  • Hold tissue during manipulation for enhanced control
  • Shaped to minimize view obstruction

2-1 Needle Location Marker

  • Laser-etched markings for targeting accuracy and predictable implant placement
  • Needle penetrates tissue in line with the markings

Circle 3 Atraumatic Design

  • Tissue control wings have rounded edges
  • Wings are constructed of flexible stainless steel material

ATC image with markers-1


"My experience with the UroLift ATC System has been overwhelmingly positive. The new design features of the UroLift ATC System make it easier for me to treat patients with complex anatomies, and especially increase my confidence in treating patients with an obstructive median lobe."

Steven Gange, M.D., Salt Lake City, Utah+


Cystoscopic View

Illustrated Cystoscopic View

Wings hold tissue, providing enhanced control during the procedure

Treat the Median Lobe With Confidence        

Pre-Procedure image-1

Post-Procedure image-2

Clinical Results*