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Prostate relief: don’t let BPH keep you up at night

More than 80 percent of men over the age of 50 wake up at least once per night to urinate.1 If you’re no stranger to late-night nature calls, then you may be suffering from an enlarged prostate....

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Slow urine stream? It could be an enlarged prostate

As you get older, the pace of life tends to slow down. And sometimes that’s OK. Maybe you take a little extra time in the morning to enjoy your cup of coffee or opt for the scenic route on your...

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lt’s Movember, are enlarged prostate symptoms affecting your partner?

Many men over the age of 50 experience sleepless nights due to the frequent need to urinate. Does this sound familiar? Are you disrupting your partner’s sleep with regular trips to the bathroom? You...

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Alternative treatment may allow men to stop using medication for enlarged prostate

Did you know that on average Americans over the age of 45 take four prescription medications daily? According to the IMS Health Institute for Healthcare Informatics, Americans spend over $200...

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Common myths and misconceptions about enlarged prostate that you should know

According to two recent men’s health surveys, there are many myths and misconceptions associated with enlarged prostate. Both men and women are misinformed about the condition, symptoms, and...
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