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What Your Zoom Meeting Could Be Revealing About Your Prostate


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The COVID-19 crisis has revolutionized the way many of us work. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) surveyed 25,000 American workers and found that nearly half of the U.S. workforce may now work from home, an estimated 22-25% of whom are 55 and older.1, 6

While virtual meetings have become a necessity for doing work remotely, they can sometimes get a bit awkward. Be it unexpected interruptions from family members, Zoom-bombing pets, or forgetting the camera is on, there have been a slew of hilarious and often cringeworthy moments, generally taken in good stride. For men who can’t make it through meetings without feeling the urge to use the bathroom multiple times, however, it’s no laughing matter.

If you have had to turn off your camera and duck out due to frequent urinary urgency, you might have an enlarged prostate, also known as benign prostatic hyperplasia, or BPH—a condition that can lead to loss of productivity, depression, and decreased quality of life.2 Add to this the work from home burnout that is so prevalent right now, and it’s understandable if you don’t feel like your normal self.

How Enlarged Prostate May be Restricting your Lifestyle

zoom-mic_BRBBenign prostatic hyperplasia, or BPH, is a non-cancerous enlargement of the prostate that occurs as men age, affecting over 40 percent of men in their 50s and over 80 percent of men in their 70s.7 The enlarged prostate presses on and can block the urethra, causing bothersome urinary symptoms such as the urgency to go, frequent nighttime urination, and inability to fully empty the bladder.8 This often means that men are repeatedly in and out of the bathroom and forced to take extreme planning measures just to make it through their daily commitments.

Musician Corey B. said his frequent need to use the restroom began limiting his work since he couldn’t stay on stage for his usual two to three-hour concerts. For anesthesiologist David B., the urgency to go meant he had to limit fluids in order to stay in the operating room through the entirety of a surgery while always knowing where the nearest bathroom was. Tom H., a movie stuntman for over 40 years, described the embarrassment and inconvenience he experienced when having to get up in the middle of a meeting with major studio executives in order to use the bathroom – not a comfortable task for someone used to conquering risks others would rather avoid. Still other men describe the inability to make it through a motorcycle ride or round of golf without the awkward need to find a restroom. Now, for many men, being in the spotlight during back-to-back online meetings is yet another hurdle.

An Answer to your Urgency Issue

zoom-mic_Good2Go-headshotThe UroLift® System may provide an option for many men looking for an alternative to medications or major surgery to treat their BPH symptoms. The UroLift System is a proven, minimally invasive outpatient procedure that can be performed in the urologist’s office, often under local anesthesia—with no cutting, heating or removal of the prostate tissue. Men typically experience rapid symptom relief and recovery, allowing them to return to their normal routines with minimal downtime.3, 4

For Michael F., a Nationals super fan who hits 42 game days a year, this means no more staking-out the family bathroom at the stadium or missing plays while standing in long men’s room lines—and now he doesn’t have to think twice about having another beverage. These days, Michael is also a devoted fan of the UroLift System, simply saying, “If you want to feel like a different man, have it done.” 


For 2021 and beyond, imagine being able to sit through a marathon meeting online or in person, without worrying about planned breaks or embarrassing pitstops. And while you’re at it, imagine having that second cup of coffee without a second thought.

Lasting relief may be closer than you think.5 The first step is to talk to your doctor and ask about the solutions for enlarged prostate that are right for you.

Here’s to happy, worry-free Zooming! 



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