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Robert Cowles, MD


Dr. Robert Cowles is a UroLift® Center of Excellence physician, practicing in Greensboro, GA.  Attendees to his Preceptorship programs will learn about effective in-office transition, patient consultations, symptom tracking and advanced UroLift System treatment techniques.  He performs the UroLift System treatment utilizing prostatic block in his office.

Daniel Jaffee, MD


Dr. Daniel Jaffee is a UroLift® Center of Excellence physician, practicing in Phoenix, AZ.  Attendees to his Preceptorship programs will learn about the UroLift System treatment in complex anatomies, discussions around bladder health and understand Dr. Jaffee’s methods for engaging PCPs.  Dr. Jaffee customizes patient anesthesia protocols following each patient cystoscopy and consultation.  Anesthesia protocols will range between nitrous oxide, prostate block and MAC in the office setting.



Sunil Purohit, MD

Sunil Purohit

Dr. Sunil Purohit is a UroLift® Center of Excellence physician from Covington, LA outside of New Orleans.  Attendees of his peer-to-peer programs will learn about effective UroLift System patient consultations, using cystoscopy for proper patient selection and early intervention.  His anesthesia protocol includes the use of MAC sedation with Propofol in the ASC setting.

Andrew Barger, NP


Andrew Barger is a Nurse Practitioner with Dr. Michael Trotter’s Midtown Urology practice in Austin, TX.  He is part of Dr. Trotter’s Immersion program.  Andrew is available for UroLift® System teleconsults and webinars.  Other APPs speaking with Andrew will learn best practices for transition to in-office procedures through an Immersion program experience while participating in bladder health and BPH patient consultation discussions.

Janelle Bunce, PA


Janelle Bunce is a Physician Assistant with Dr. David Wilkinson’s practice in Naples, FL and previously trained under Dr. Peter Walter in Jamestown, NY.  Janelle is available for UroLift® System teleconsults, webinars and speaking engagements.  Her breadth of experience includes, cystoscopic evaluation of BPH/LUTS patients, effective patient consultation and symptom tracking. 

Willa Kavic, RN


Willa Kavic is a Registered Nurse Manager with Dr. Peter Walter’s practice in Jamestown, NY.  She is involved in his UroLift® System Immersion programs.  Attendees engaging with Willa can expect conversations regarding staff education for effective transition to in-office procedures and BPH patient consultations.

Jean Ann Vawter, NP


Jean Ann Vawter is a Certified Urologic Nurse Practitioner with Dr. Manish Patel’s practice in Elgin, SC. In addition to being involved in Dr. Patel’s UroLift® System preceptorship program, she will be available for teleconsults, webinars and speaking engagements.  Attendees interacting with Jean Ann can expect to learn effective BPH patient consultations, symptom tracking, bladder health and medical management.