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 Dr. Jordan Luskin


Specialty: BPH, vasectomy, kidney/bladder stones, Peyronie’s Disease, ED, bladder control problems, vasectomy reversal, cancers within the urinary system


Undergrad: Emory University, Tulane University
Medical School: Georgetown University
Internship: Georgetown University
Residency: Georgetown University

Practice Address

San Juan Urology
904 S. 4th St
Montrose, CO 81401

Site of Service


UroLift® System Local Anesthesia Protocol

  • UroLift Anesthesia Protocol: This information is presented in conjunction with Dr. Luskin. Surgical technique, medication and anesthesia regimens are based on his experience with the UroLift System. Medical practice is solely the responsibility of the treating physician and not the named physicians or NeoTract, Inc.
  • The steps in this protocol are presented in the sequence performed by Dr Luskin.
    • Nitrous Oxide

Group Type

Private Practice

First UroLift System Case Date

January 2018

Program Agenda:


Demonstrate the Premier Patient Experience offered by the UroLift® System treatment in the OR under MAC anesthesia and teach surgeons to replicate this in their own practice.

Location & Logistics:

  • Arrive by 6pm the evening before cases at Montrose, CO (MJT) Airport
  • Depart afternoon of cases after 1pm from Montrose, CO (MJT) Airport 
  • Facility address: San Juan Urology, 904 S. 4th St. Montrose, CO 81401
  • Hotel Information: Hampton Inn and Suites 1980 N Townsend Ave, Montrose, CO 81401
  • Attire: Business casual or scrubs for day of cases
  • Direct flights are available from these airports.

Evening before case observations – 7:00 PM dinner (Location TBD)

  • Review guest objectives
  • Overview of cases and what to expect on case day

Day of Cases

  • 8am Start
  • Finished with cases by noon – Time permitting lunch at San Juan Urology may be provided

Didactic presentation

  • UroLift System as part of the standard of care for BPH
  • Clinical Data: risks and benefits
  • Coding, reimbursement, & economics
  • Personal Experience


7:45 AM

  • Attendee Arrival - Meet and Greet

8:00 AM

1st Case
After 1st Case

  • Facility Tour
  • Case 2 Preview: history, work-up & reasons for selecting UroLift System treatment
  • Best Practices: Patient selection, consultation, and expectations

9:00 AM

2nd Case 
After 2nd Case 

  • Review patent education tools
  • Case 3 Preview: history, work-up & reasons for selecting UroLift System treatment

10:00 AM

3rd Case 
After 3rd Case 

  • Photo
  • Review staff training, utilization, esp. mid-levels
  • Case 4 Preview: history, work-up & reasons for selecting UroLift System treatment

11:00 AM

4th Case 
After 4th Case

  • Review Patient Awareness activities, Advocacy, Practice Efficiency, Staff Engagement, etc.
  • Wrap-up

  • Goals for implementing learning

12:00 PM

  • Departure