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Dr. Elizabeth Mobley

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Specialty: General Urology, Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH), Minimally Invasive Surgery


Undergraduate: Bachelor of Science, University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia
Medical School: M.D., Medical College of Georgia, Augusta, Georgia
Internship: University of Utah Surgery Department, Salt Lake City, Utah
Residency: University of Utah Urology Department, Salt Lake City, Utah
Fellowship: North Shore Hospital Urology Department, Auckland, New Zealand


Urology Austin
5300 Bee Caves Rd. Suite 100
Austin, TX 78746

Site of Service


UroLift Local Anesthesia Protocol

UroLift Anesthesia Protocol:  This information is presented in conjunction with Dr. Mobley. Surgical technique, medication and anesthesia regimens are based on her experience with the UroLift System. Medical practice is solely the responsibility of the treating physician and not the named physicians or NeoTract, Inc.

  • The steps in this protocol are presented in the sequence performed by Dr. Mobley.
    • Oral Medication
      • Pre-op: If patient < 80 years old, 1 mg Xanax PO 
    • Local Anesthesia
      • 2% Lidocaine gel, 10ml, in urethra via syringe
      • Clamp penis for 15-20 minutes, prior to the procedure.
    • Prostate Block
      • TRUS guided
      • 2% Lidocaine, 20ml, injected bi-laterally, approximately about 5 minutes prior to produce

Group Type

  • Private Practice

First UroLift Case Date

  • September 2016


Program Agenda:


Demonstrate the Premier Patient Experience offered by the UroLift® System treatment in the clinic setting with local anesthesia.

Location & Logistics:

  • Sunday:
      • Arrival:
        • Into AUS
        • Before 5:00pm
        • Attendee transportation to and from airport via UC 
      • Dinner:
        • Time: 6:30pm
        • Location: Central Standard (within hotel)
  • Monday:
      • Preceptor Event Address:
      • Urology Austin
        5300 Bee Caves Rd
        Austin, TX 78746
  • Attire:  Scrubs or Business Casual
  • Arrival to Event: 7:00am
  • Depart:12:30pm
  • Departure Flights:
    • Out of AUS
    • After 3:00pm


7:00 AM – Attendees Arrive and Welcome
• Attendees Arrive and Welcome
• Breakfast and Introductions
• Personal Experience
• Presentation

8:00 AM – First patient arrival

9:15 AM – First Procedure
• Facility tour
• UroLift System as part of the standard of care for BPH
• Clinical data: risks and benefits

10:00 AM – Second Procedure
• Group photo

10:45 AM – Third Procedure
• Best Practices
• Patient Selection
• Consults

11:30 AM – Fourth Procedure

12:30 PM – Wrap Up and Depart

* Agenda may differ based on patient scheduling