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This resource page is brought to you as part of Teleflex/NeoTract’s ongoing commitment to helping our customers and patients to the best of our ability during this global health crisis.

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has resulted in significant changes for many providers, including transitioning to patient visits via telehealth. The ongoing changes are occurring in real time and often bring with them potential legal and compliance risks. As with any change in coverage and reimbursement, healthcare providers offering telehealth services should carefully review changes and take steps to ensure that all regulatory, coding and coverage requirements are met prior to submitting claims for reimbursement. Providers may be at risk of violating criminal or civil laws or regulations for improperly implementing or billing for telehealth services. The resources listed below were obtained from third-party sources, may not be all-inclusive, and may be subject to change without notice. The content is for informational purposes only. Teleflex and its affiliated entities assume no liability for providers’ failure to comply with any applicable state and federal laws relating to telehealth services.

See below for relevant telehealth resources.

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AUA Information Center

Coronavirus Disease 2019 AUA Information Center

The American Urological Association has established a COVID-19 resource center with useful information & resources on telehealth, clinical insights, elective surgery & other important topics. 

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Notification of Enforcement Discretion for Telehealth Remote Communications During the COVID-19 Nationwide Public Health Emergency

A notification by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services as relates to telehealth and HIPAA compliance.

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CMS Recommendations

CMS, Non-Emergent, Elective Medical Services and Treatment Recommendations

Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services recommendations to limit those medical services that could be deferred, such as non-emergent, elective treatment, and preventive medical services.

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Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services - Recognizing the importance of delivering funds in a fast and transparent manner, $30 billion is being distributed immediately – with payments arriving via direct deposit beginning April 10, 2020 – to eligible providers throughout the American healthcare system.

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CMS Policy

Medicare and Medicaid Programs; Policy and Regulatory Revisions in Response to the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency—Interim final rule with comment period (IFC), CMS-1744-IFC

This interim final rule with comment period (IFC) gives individuals and entities that provide services to Medicare beneficiaries needed flexibilities to respond effectively to the serious public health threats posed by the spread of the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).

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Center for Connected Health Policy, The National Telehealth Policy Resource Center

Telehealth policy changes occurring within the COVID-19 environment have been rapidly developing on almost a daily basis. CCHP is committed to keeping you updated on these important changes both federally and on the state level.

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Federation of State Medical Boards
supports America’s state medical boards in licensing, disciplining and regulating physicians and other healthcare professionals.

Patient Counselling Booklet

Patient Counselling Booklet

Digital version of the UroLift® System patient counselling booklet, for use during remote consultations.


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IPSS Survey

Digital, unbranded version of the International Prostate Symptom Score questionnaire, for use during remote consultations.


The information contained in this document/web page was obtained from third-party sources, may not be all-inclusive and is subject to change without notice. Content is informational only and does not constitute medical, legal or reimbursement advice and represents no statement, promise or guarantee of payment. The provider is solely responsible for determining appropriate treatment for the patient based on the unique medical needs of each patient and the independent judgment of the provider. It is also the responsibility of the provider to determine payer appropriate coding, medical necessity, site of service, documentation requirements and payment levels and to submit appropriate codes, modifiers and charges for services rendered. Although we have made every effort to provide information that is current at the time of its issue, it is recommended that you consult your legal counsel, reimbursement/compliance advisor and/or payer organization(s) for interpretation of payer-specific coding, coverage and payment expectations.

NeoTract, Inc. encourages providers to submit claims for services that are appropriately and accurately consistent with FDA clearance and approved labeling and does not promote the use of its products outside their FDA-approved labeling.

CPT® codes and descriptions are copyright 2019 American Medical Association (AMA). All rights reserved. CPT® is a registered trademark of the American Medical Association.