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UroLift® 2 System

Innovative delivery system streamlines the procedure through an enhanced deployment

Typically one Delivery Handle is used per procedure, and an individual Implant Cartridge to deliver each UroLift® Implant


Key Benefits:

  • Reduced Device Footprint – Eco-friendly Delivery Handle and implant cartridge design requires 66% less storage space, and generates nearly 50% less waste material per procedure, as compared to the prior generation UroLift System

  • Ergonomic Design – Single, ergonomic trigger for intuitive deployment; thumb-actuated needle safety button

  • Improved Procedural Efficiency – Cystoscope may remain in the handle for entire procedure, reducing lens exchanges and potential lens damage

  • Proven UroLift System Implant – No change to the UroLift Implant sustains proven outcomes, building on years of clinical research and real-world successes2,3


Comparison of the UroLift & UroLift 2 Systems      

UL2 Comparison Chart


Clinical Results*