Steve K.'s Story

A Gadget for Mr. Gadget®—The UroLift® System improves symptoms of enlarged prostate

"The Improvement Was Remarkable"

Steve Kruschen – better known by his TV name – Mr. Gadget, is a 68-year-old from Burbank, Calif., who began experiencing symptoms associated with enlarged prostate at the age of 60.

The self-described “technology-loving geek” had been a TV and media personality since the ’70s. In his early 50s, Steve began experiencing the sudden need to rush to the bathroom more frequently and began developing the inability to urinate. When the movie-loving Mr. Gadget noticed that his urinary issues were disrupting movie nights with friends, he knew it was time to seek treatment.

"Hey Mr. Gadget I've got a gadget for you-the Urolift System!"

Doctor’s Recommendation

Following years of medication use that caused unpleasant side effects, Steve decided he was ready for an alternative, minimally invasive treatment option. 

He made an appointment with urologist, Dr. Philip Weintraub, of Urology Medical Group.

Steve’s main concern was the efficacy of the UroLift System. Dr. Weintraub explained, “The UroLift System is a proven treatment option for BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia), or enlarged prostate, and has clinical data demonstrating through five years, patients continue to experience symptom relief with minimal side effect.” He also informed Steve that “Many people who undergo the UroLift System procedure are also able to discontinue the use of medication.” With that, Steve had made his decision. They scheduled the appointment.Dr. Weintraub entered the consultation room and said, “Hey Mr. Gadget, I’ve got a gadget for you – the UroLift® System!” When Steve learned about the many benefits of the UroLift System procedure and that it is less invasive than alternative options like TURP, he knew he had found a treatment that might work for him.

Mr. Gadget’s UroLift System Procedure Review

“I’m extremely satisfied and eternally grateful for the great outcome."

Immediately following the procedure, Steve experienced a few days of discomfort and mild incontinence. After a week, he was sleeping through the night and sitting through movies without the need to urinate.

Steve says, “I’m extremely satisfied and eternally grateful for the great outcome. It was absolutely worth it. I’d do it again in a heartbeat.”

Steve is able to enjoy all of the activities he could before and is thrilled he found a gadget to treat BPH.