UroLift Implant

Implant with Confidence
The UroLift™ Implant is a proven biocompatible solution backed by clinical studies and a real-world retrospective registry.1,2 The UroLift™ System is part of the standard of care with over 1,250,000 UroLift® Implants implanted worldwide.3,4
The Implant length is customized per patient's prostatic lobe and desired compression.

Provides Durable Results1

Both the mechanical compression of the adenoma and tissue atrophy deliver sustained results. Post-market data from over 770,000 implants do not show implant migration after proper deployment. Further, there is a low rate of stone formation (0.006%) and breakage (0.004%).8

Patient Selection

The UroLift™ System provides consistent outcomes to a broad range of BPH patients.2
Prostate Indications for the UroLift™ System
Minimum prostate volumeNone
Maximum prostate volume100 cc
Obstructive median lobeYes
The UroLift™ System should not be used if the patient has:
  • Prostate volume of >100 cc
  • A urinary tract infection
  • Urethral conditions that may prevent insertion of a delievery system into the bladder.
  • Urinary incotinence due to incompetent sphincter
  • Current gross hematuria


BPH patients have been treated with the UroLift™ System9

The UroLift System provides immediate, visible results
and rapid symptom relief11