Expand Treatment Options for Men With BPH

Primary care physicians have previously had limited options for patients with BPH. The choices typically involved prescribing medications or referring patients for invasive surgery. The UroLift™ System provides a proven alternative. It is the number one minimally invasive BPH procedure chosen by urologists and their patients in the U.S.,1 and it has been performed on over 450,000 patients worldwide.2

Are you frustrated by medication nonadherence and the challenges of polypharmacy?


Of men surveyed are dissatisfied with the effectiveness of their BPH medication.3


Of patients are non-adherent with their BPH medications after one year.4


Of men on BPH medications experience <4 point IPSS symptom improvement5

Help Your Patients Preserve Bladder Health

Impact on wellbeing
Quality of life and overall health are important considerations in treating men with BPH. Watchful waiting can risk long-term bladder health.6 The use of BPH medications may be associated with potential side effects,7 and many men are dissatisfied with the effectiveness of their BPH medication in relieving symptoms.3,5

Help your patients take a proactive role in their BPH care by introducing them to BPH Advisor™, a free personalized education program.

Common Questions Your Patients May Ask

What’s the harm in watchful waiting? 

87% of men who elect watchful waiting reported a worsening of symptoms over a 4-year period.9

Can I continue taking my BPH medications forever? 

Some BPH medications have been associated with serious issues, such as increased risk of cardiac failure and impaired cognitive function.10,11

What about sexual function?


UroLift System patients reported better outcomes in sexual function* and satisfaction than men who received BPH medication.12

How the UroLift System Is Unique

A mechanical solution to a mechanical problem
The UroLift™ System uses a proven approach to treating BPH that lifts and holds the enlarged prostate tissue out of the way, so it no longer blocks the urethra.15 It is the only leading transurethral BPH treatment that does not require heating, cutting or removal of the prostate tissue.13,14 Post-procedure, most patients do not require ongoing BPH medications.15

Refer your appropriate patients to a urologist who can determine if they are a candidate for the UroLift™ System.

The UroLift™ System reopens the channel—with no cutting or burning of the prostate.

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Download an IPSS form to help identify patients who may benefit from the UroLift™ System treatment.