Clinical Results

Clinical results from over 145 peer-reviewed publications demonstrate that treatment with the UroLift™ System offers rapid and significant improvements in symptoms, urinary flow and quality of life sustained through five years.1,2


Rapid symptom relief and recovery1,3

Lowest Catheter Rate

Compared to leading BPH procedures2-7


Lowest rate of complications at one year*20


Low surgical retreatment rate2

Consistent, Durable Outcomes

Five-year data across UroLift™ System studies demonstrate that outcomes are rapid, durable and reproducible.1,2,10
Symptom Response Is Largely Consistent Among Controlled Subjects and Real-World Retrospective Cohorts

Sustained IPSS Improvement

Improvement in LUTS, as seen through average reduction in IPSS, has been largly consistent across various studies, showing rapid relief within two weeks and sustained effect through five years.1,2 Symptom relief is better than reported for medications.1,11

Quality of Life Improvement

Significant increase in quality of life scores with 51% improvement observed at 1 year and was sustained at 50% in a 5 year study, p<0.0001.2

Flow Rate Improvement

In addition to improving LUTS, the UroLift™ System treatment has demonstrated significant improvement in peak urinary flow rate (Qmax) of 3.5 mL/sec (44%) that was sustained to five years, p<0.0001.2

Low Retreatment Rate

The rate of surgical intervention for failure to cure with the UroLift™ System was low for a BPH procedure, with approximately 13.6% over the five year study.1,2

Durability and Patient Experience Outcomes Across Major BPH Treatments
FDA Guidance on Clinical Investigation of Devices for BPH

“Because loss to follow-up jeopardizes the conclusions that can be made about the long-term safety and effectiveness of a device, we recommend you limit the overall rate of loss to follow-up to less than 20% over the course of the study.” 17,§

§ Rezum and Aquablation are FDA-cleared devices

Extensive Clinical Evidence Support the UroLift System

For 10+ years, supported by over 145 peer-reviewed and 22 sponsored publications, the UroLift™ System has been proven to provide generally consistent outcomes between randomized clinical trials and the real world, in a large variety of prostate types, including those with obstructive median lobe and large prostates up to 100cc.18,19