Fast-Track Your Patient's Journey with Confidence

The UroLift™ System is the #1 minimally invasive BPH procedure chosen by urologists and their patients in the U.S. Discover how the UroLift™ System can help your patients reduce pit stops.2


Accelerate Your BPH Patients’ Path to Better Living

For decades, treating BPH has meant making a hard choice between medications, which may have bothersome side effects,8 or surgical treatment, with risk of sexual dysfunction.10

Now you can change a patient’s journey with confidence. The UroLift™ System can help men get off BPH medications and avoid major surgery.2 This straightforward procedure provides rapid symptom relief and recovery3,4 and preserves sexual function.*2

AUA BPH Guideline Recognize the Need for Earlier Intervention

“Since many men discontinue medical therapy, yet proportionately few seek surgery, there is a large clinical need for an effective treatment that is less invasive than surgery. With this treatment class, perhaps a significant portion of men with BOO [bladder outlet obstruction] who have stopped medical therapy can be treated prior to impending bladder dysfunction.5

The UroLift™ System is part of the standard of care for BPH treatment.5

What is UroLift?

The UroLift™ System is the only leading enlarged prostate procedure that does not require heating, cutting, removal, or destruction of prostate tissue.3,10

Treatment with the UroLift™ System can be performed as a same-day outpatient procedure, including the office setting, under local anesthesia.4 It does not preclude future BPH treatments, should they be necessary.2


Risk profile better than reported for surgical procedures such as TURP3,8,9


Rapid symptom relief and recovery3,4  with no new, sustained erectile or ejaculatory dysfunction*10,12

Proven Durability

Proven to achieve sustained improvements in IPSS, QoL, and Qmax through 5 years2

Zero Day Global

The UroLift™ System is covered by Medicare, national, and commercial plans, when medical criteria are met. It is the only minimally invasive BPH procedure that has a zero day global.

Faster Recovery. Fewer Risks. Proven Outcomes.2,4,8,10

Patient Experience

Lowest rate of complications at one year when compared to both minimally invasive and invasive procedures.**14


of obstructive median lobe patients would recommend the procedure at 1 month11

Durable Results

Improvements in symptoms, urinary flow, and quality of life sustained through 5 years2 with a retreatment rate of 13.5% at 5 years.2,3


improvement in quality of life sustained over a 5 year study2

Preservation of Sexual Function

The only leading BPH procedure shown not to cause new and lasting sexual dysfunction.*10,12


ejaculatory and erectile dysfunction*2

The Right Solution for Many BPH Patients

The UroLift™ System provides consistent outcomes to a broad range of BPH patients.13
Prostate Indications for the UroLift™ System
Minimum prostate volumeNone
Maximum prostate volume100 cc
Obstructive median lobeYes
The UroLift™ System Real World Retrospective Registry demonstrates that patients outside of the norm seen in clinical trials can be treated safely and effectively.13
  • Younger patients
  • Patients in retention
  • Prostates <30cc
  • History of prostate cancer treatment
  • Diabetic patients


BPH patients have been treated with the UroLift™ System15

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